The French found the “taste of freedom” of the coffees and beers on the terrace

Les Français retrouvent le «goût de liberté» des cafés et des bières en terrasse

Paris | A beer “the taste of freedom”, the emotion of a coffee terrace, a “great day” for restaurants: the French have found with pleasure on Tuesday, the terraces of cafes and restaurants allowed to reopen after long weeks of confinement.

At the time of the aperitif, in this sunny afternoon, the terraces of the popular 10th arrondissement of Paris are crowded.

From 17H00, the first regulars rushed on: “It was stirring to the opening of the terrace, it was the first” laugh Yoann, Vincent, Paul and Anthony, three beers and a pomegranate on the table.

“It feels good to be among friends as well,” explains Yoann, when Vincent describes this first beer and its “taste of “come back to-there””.

For Gaspard, a 33-year-old, who began his second pint: “this is more than just a beer”. A few streets later, in another bar, Adele, 21 years old, made the same observation, sipping his beer, “the taste of freedom”.

France has been badly affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, which was about 30 000 people and caused a near-shutdown of the economy. But thanks to the continued slowdown of the epidemic since the beginning of the déconfinement on may 11, the government has decided that the passage in phase 2 of this déconfinement, a synonym of an almost-back to normal

In the paris region, only the terraces of restaurants and cafés, however, have been allowed to reopen, with a minimum distance between each table.

And even if this constraint has forced the conservators to reduce the number of tables available, they share the pleasure of again be able to receive clients.

“We saw”, rejoice in heart Kevin Amar and Matthias Leveque, patrons of the Glass, Teasing, near the canal Saint-Martin.

“It’s good for you”

As of this morning, the sun that bathed the capital had pushed the Parisians to take advantage of this reopening.

“The café terrace, it’s Paris !”, launched the AFP Martine Depagniat, installed at a table at the Café de la Comédie, in the heart of the capital.

This employee at the Louvre Museum nearby, wearing a mask and sunglasses, said he “almost touched” enjoying his steaming coffee, confident that the “taste of the espresso” him had failed. “I think that people need to regain a normalcy,” even if “there is some apprehension,” she says. “If there is too much away too quickly… would not that there is a return of the epidemic”.

“I was greatly missed… I am an afficionada of the terraces !” lance to the AFP Rachida, Paris, 70 years of age, in a big grin that can be sensed behind his mask.

It certainly does not avoid pleasure his pleasure in joining the large open terrace of the restaurant “The Point” at Romainville, near suburb of Paris.

And among the passers-by who stop to start the conversation with some clients, the words “it’s good” often come back.

A few tables away, Teresa Houdry, 85 years of age, contemplates his espresso with relish. The morning coffee on the terrace ? “It is essential, it’s good, it relives !”, loose this retired a native of the North of France, where the life of the cafes is especially important in the daily life of the inhabitants.

Working around the coffee machine of the ” Setpoint “, green eyes sparkling overcoming his mask, Emma Gil, 35 years old believes that they have not had the feeling of losing the bond with customers, thanks to the takeaway service it has provided since a few weeks.

But today, “it is the liberation ! this is a great day, we are very happy…” says the waitress.

For the owner, Marc Durand, 50 years, the closure decision taken by the French government was “necessary” to stem the outbreak of a new coronavirus, even if it was “catastrophic for our business.”

His brother, Petro Jaupi, a conservator at the Auberge de la Butte aux Cailles, in the neighborhood’s namesake, south of Paris, hope that the customers will return.

“We just want to be able to do our work,” he concludes.

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