The French roots of Cutter Gauthier

The French-speaking roots of Cutter Gauthier


Since the latest Central Scouting rankings were released, we've only got three favorites.

Right behind, at least on the list of North American skaters, we find Cutter Gauthier. Trained through the US National Development Program, the 6 3 inch, 201 lbs forward was born in Sweden when his father, Sean, was in net for Skelleftea AIK.

As his last name suggests, Gauthier has French roots that can be traced back to his Sudbury-born father's origins.

The 18-year-old, who is expected to play for the Eagles in Boston College, in the NCAA next season, claims to have managed to keep some of this legacy.

“My father still speaks French fluently. For my part, I understand it more than I speak it. If I am in the middle of a conversation, I can understand what is going on, but I speak it with difficulty.

“Friends of the family live in Montreal. I have been there a few times. It's a great city. Besides, it would be an honor to be drafted by the Canadian, a team with such a solid history. »

Suzuki, a good guy

Although anything can happen in a draft, it would be surprising if Gauthier put on the Canadiens jersey and cap on Thursday night on the Bell Center stage. 

Nevertheless, he has had the opportunity to visit the team's facilities in Brossard as part of a clinic that several of the main prospects offered to young hockey players. An experience he greatly appreciated.

“We were sitting in the Canadiens locker room. It was very cool. It was special to see all those names on the walls. Nick Suzuki was there. Jonathan Drouin and Cole Caufield too. They are very good guys. ”