The frightened woman trying to escape was bitten by a camel between your legs

The incident occurred in one of the most common zoos in the U.S. state of Louisiana

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Напуганная женщина в попытке спастись укусила верблюда между лап

A camel named Casper attacked the American

A curious incident occurred in a private zoo Tiger Truck Stop, which is located in the American state of Louisiana (USA). One of the visitors happened to be in the cage of a camel. The animal immediately attacked the woman. To escape, the American was forced to bite the beast genitals, writes The Advocate.

As reports the edition, incident happened from-that in a cage for a camel named Casper ran the woman’s dog. The dog was deaf and could not hear the calls of the hostess who had to follow your pet and get in the cage. Scared camel chased the visitor of the zoo and pressed it to the wall, and then sat down on top of her, nearly crushing him with their weight.

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The woman had to bite the animal’s genitals: just made him up. A visitor to the zoo, which turned out to be a resident of Florida, was hospitalized. Accurate data about its condition are not given. The incident was investigated by the police.

We will remind that this year Kiev zoo turned 110 years old. He is much younger than in Kharkiv (opened in 1895) and little Nicholas (opened in 1901). For 100 years plus a Kiev zoo was headed by as many as 29 of Directors.

In addition, in a network there was video as in South Africa, the wild boar escaped from hungry leopards thanks to a happy coincidence, having to literally push their heads against predators.

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