The frontman of “Boombox” explained why he made admingranitse in the Crimea

Фронтмен "Бумбокса" объяснил, почему выступил на админгранице с Крымом

The singer said that he misses the Ukrainian Peninsula, which was often.Frontman of the band “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk told in the story “Sedanka z 1+1” about the concert of the Crimean people, which took place on the 19th July 2018 at the checkpoint of entry-departure Kalanchak.

“In the “Boombox” was cool and meaningful to me events and concerts. Perhaps the biggest was the concert this summer in Kalanchak. I organized a concert on the so-called border with Crimea because I wanted to say Hello to those people who have stayed there – in the occupied territory,” explained Khlyvnyuk.

“Tvy hundred percent” is the title of the song “Boombox”, which is a few days after the release lingers in the hearts of thousands of fans! About music, life outside of the stage and its secret code, told the leader of group Andrey Khlyvnyuk in category “Person”.

The actor stressed that Russia occupied Crimea remains a part of his house.

“I’ve been there every summer and not just in summer. There microphone stand has already been concreted, if you know what I mean,” added Andrew.

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