The future of the trial of Nathalie Normandeau in the hands of the judge

L’avenir du procès de Nathalie Normandeau entre les mains du juge

It is the 25th September that the magistrate will decide if he will order the stay of proceedings and the immediate termination of the trial of ex-deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau due to unreasonable delay.

After five long days of hearing to hear the arguments of the parties in order to determine which are attributable to the judicial time since the arrest of the six accused, including Nathalie Normandeau, and Marc-Yvan Côté, in march 2016, the judge André Perreault has taken the cause under advisement.

The decision of the judge of the Court of Québec will make the 25 September, which could sound the death knell of this trial with many twists and turns.

Remember that Nathalie Normandeau, is facing charges of breach of trust, fraud against the government and corruption in municipal affairs.

The latter imputes to 57 months of delay be “unreasonable” to the Crown, well beyond the 18 months provided by the judgment in Jordan.

The “center person”

At the end of oral arguments, which are stretched up to Monday, the prosecutor DPCP Me Richard Rougeau replied to an argument of the lawyers of Nathalie Normandeau’s claim that she had done everything to expedite the procedures, in particular by requiring a separate trial.

The Crown considers that the ex-vice-prime minister is ” central to any theory of the public prosecutor “, said to Me, Rougeau.

“The accused was at the heart of a joint adventure, the central figure,” argued the prosecutor.

If the case of Ms. Normandeau had been separated from the rest of the group, ” you would have two trials in parallel in much the same heaviness “, he argued.

Accused “martyred”

In reply prior to the deliberation of the judge, the lawyer of Marc-Yvan Côté, Me Jacques Larochelle, has responded by asserting that the defendants were “martyred” by procedures that never end. Yet, according to the lawyer, “all the fault” is attributable to the police officers of UPAC.

The expected conclusions of the investigation Oath, to prove the involvement of high-ranking officers of UPAC in the leaks and journalistic, are crucial for the defense.

It is particularly this issue that was debated before the highest court of the country in order to force the journalist Marie-Maude Denis to testify, which has prolonged the debate.

“Who should pay ? The State or the accused “, finished mr. Larochelle.

Without comment, the judge Perreault has invited the parties on 25 September to make its decision.

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