The Gala des Olivier should have been renamed: “Down, my uncle!”

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During the Olivier Gala on Sunday, we were treated to a festival of jokes about “old people”, all thrown in the same basket, as if they were all overwhelmed, disconnected, as if everything that was done before the arrival on Earth of the millennials was to be put in the trash. 

The Gala des Olivier should have been renamed: “Get off my uncle! » 


It's weird: for the new generation, all forms of discrimination are to be banned except one: discrimination against the elderly.

Sexism? Naughty. Racism ? Horrible. But ageism? No problem!

During the humor gala, hosted by Katherine Levac (33), we were treated to:

– A sloppy tribute to a giant of humor (died at 87).

– A complete number to ridicule “old” comedians. 

– Jokes about Louis-José Houde “too old” (he's 46!), Guy Nantel not “inclusive” enough (he's 55), Christian Bégin not fast enough (he's 60).

In a number of the gala, Virginie Fortin (36) and Arnaud Soly (33), disguised as Pat and Mat, two big, classy settlers, sang “Humor was better before, when we were just eight white guys, when we fought with our obese jokes, we could just say: come on, we're fooling around!

The part of the song that intrigued me the most is the following: “We didn't apologize for our wandering hands, there were no victims, just lucky ones”. Hmmmm. So the new generation of comedians treats women really well? Haha, that's the best joke of the evening!

As if to be forgiven for these crude stereotypes about “humor from before”, a group of children dressed up as Marie-Lise Pilote, Daniel Lemire, Mario Jean, Claude Meunier, Sol, Michel Barrette and Pierre Brassard sang: ” We marked your imagination with our legendary characters. Hey boy, a big ten seconds to recognize those who have “paved the way”.

Even Dany Turcotte, yet a radio-Canadian to his fingertips, tweeted: “The contempt of the new generation comedians for the old seems to be quite widespread! »

The Gala des Olivier should have been renamed: «Shut up uncle!”

The Gala des Olivier should have been renamed: “Shut up mononcle!» < /p>

But the biggest discomfort of this evening will have been the starving and anemic tribute to Jean Lapointe. All in all, it took 30 seconds…to get to the commercial break. Music on black and white photos, no narration to recall the highlights of the comedian's career. What an affront to sweep under the rug such a great artist! 

Even MC Gilles, yet he too is a radio-Canadian down to his fingertips, tweeted, with a good bit of sarcasm: “J did you miss the tribute to Jean Lapointe? Damn habit I have of blinking too…”

Want to know the best one? Olivier Guimond was a great friend of Jean Lapointe. Who would have thought that one day, a gala bearing the name of the first would thus snub the memory of the second?


The organizers of the gala should perhaps remember that Olivier Guimond was born on May 21, 1914.

How ironic: we have a gala and we give out statuettes bearing the name of a comedian born 109 years, but we behave as if only comedians born after 1990 had style!

The Gala des Olivier should have been renamed: “Shut up, uncle!»