“The game has changed”

«La game a changé»

François Morency has regained the plateau of Discussions with my parents this week. After her first day of work, the author and actor seemed happy to have finally broken the ice, even if the experience of filming in full pandemic COVID-19 had proved to be more unsettling than expected. “The game has changed. “

In interview to the Newspaper, François Morency admits to having found the first difficult hours. Questionnaire on the state of health to fill out before you even set foot in the studio, mask-wearing, social distancing, reduced team… ” Very honestly, it was heavy. It was very different from the past year. But the team is tightly knit. All the world is encouraged. “

The group has found headway to go after the lunch hour. “There was a huge difference between the morning and the afternoon,” points out François Morency. Everyone had understood the mechanics. “

“To find its concentration in these conditions, it is a bigger challenge,” continues the comedian for 54 years. Because there are more external elements that you must think. But once you hear “Action”, play is play. “


The last few months have not been easy for Francis Morency. In addition to having to finish writing the third season of Discussions with my parents, he had to rewrite a score of scenes because of the restrictions in force.

An episode as a whole has also been stored. The comedian, who created the series with Benoit Pelletier, Pierre Prince, and Caroline Allard, had planned a half-hour rich reconciliations during which her parents to the screen, Jean-Pierre (Vincent Bilodeau) and Rollande (Marie-Ginette Guay), held a big party in the basement to which all their neighbours were invited to attend.

New pranks

Although he wrote most of the episodes in the spring, so that we didn’t know when and how the filming of the science fiction series would resume, François Morency has never been no lack of inspiration.

A look at the storylines in the programme is sufficient to realise it. Jean-Pierre and Rollande try a virtual reality helmet, will start a business of stickers of the bumpers of cars, and will launch a podcast. For his part, Francis will be attending a business woman wealthy.

This third season will mark the first appearance of the famous Conrad Ménard (Claude Laroche), Jean-Pierre talked constantly for the past two years. We will also make the acquaintance of Jack Bedard (Jean-Marc Dalphond), a neighbor rather odd.

A special episode of new Year’s day is also expected.


The new episodes of Discussions with my parents will be free of any direct reference to the coronavirus. Knowing at what stage of the battle we will be made when Radio-Canada will broadcast the episodes this fall, François Morency has preferred to abstain.

“When the COVID-19 has started, I was part of the naive who thought that this was going to last five or six weeks, that a genius somewhere was going to find a pill and that everything was going to adjust,” admits the stand-up comic.

Morency reveals, however, have laid an episode devoted to survivalism, in which Jean-Pierre is trying to find a bunker.

“There are nods to the style of life that we all had, but that is all. I didn’t want to talk about it directly. The situation is evolving so fast, it’s going to be outdated in a month. “

By appointment

Discussions with my parents am certainly enjoying a favourable wind. Released last fall, the second season garnered an average of 1 121 000 viewers, up 300,000 compared to the previous year.

Three times a finalist in the 35es Gemini awards, the series has also allowed François Morency to get an appointment at the gala Artis.

The principal described these braces ” nice pats on the back “, but after 30 years of career, he keeps the head very cold. “There’s no need for you to have expectations, because you risk being disappointed. I know something about. “

To hear him speak, we can guess that François Morency is more curious to see how the two organisations will proceed to the unveiling of the winners, while Quebec currently prohibits any gathering within more than 50 people.

“I’ve hosted galas in specific contexts, reminiscent of the one that flew the ceremony of the Olive tree in 2017, in full scandal of sexual misconduct of Gilbert Rozon. But this year, it is something else. This is another level. “

The third season of Discussions with my parents will be presented this fall at HERE Tv.

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