“The games in Tokyo will take place in 2021 or will not take place”

«Les JO de Tokyo auront lieu en 2021 ou n'auront pas lieu»

“The Games [Tokyo] will take place in 2021 or will not take place,” said the Belgian Pierre-Olivier Beckers, a senior official of the IOC, who chairs the commission, inter alia coordination of the olympic games of 2024, in an interview with the newspaper, The Future, Saturday.

“Today, everyone is convinced that they will start on the 23rd of July 2021. As we are confident that the Games will take place in 2021 or it will not happen”, he says in reference to the pandemic COVID-19.

“It is, indeed, impossible to keep at arm’s length with such a project over a long time, with extremely costly and thousands of people mobilized.”

“In addition, it is essential to resume the sporting calendar normal, in order to allow large events to find their place. All the sports federations have had to adapt to the postponement of the Games. We can’t conceive of such an upheaval a second time,” says the president of the belgian olympic and interfederal Committee.

According to Beckers, the final decision “will be taken in the spring if there are still questions yet”; he said that he said he was “optimistic” about the staging of the Games, rejecting however the idea of games behind closed doors.

On publishing 2024, “he wants that Paris is different [from previous editions]. We would like to organize Games officials on the economic plan, Games, solidarity-based, inclusive, sustainable, and useful to society”.

“The will of the IOC is that the Games adapt to the needs of cities, countries, and the reverse. Paris will be the first edition that will be totally in this vision”, he still.

“You have to fight against the gigantism. In Paris, we will come back with a budget lower than that of the previous editions: € 3.8 billion for operations and about $ 3 billion for all infrastructure,” concludes the skipper of the coordination commission of the olympic games of 2024.

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