The giants of the net always fat hard

Les géants du net toujours gras dur

Both feet in the glue of the charitable brothers Kielburger (WE Charity), the minister Bill Morneau is far from being ready to sound the charge against the giants of the net.

The liberal party of Justin Trudeau had yet vowed that these ogres insatiable would be taxed to the tune of 3 % of their income canadians no later than the fall of 2020. Since January this year, they would have been required to collect the GST, this tax well comfortable for them, since it is the taxpayer who pays. But the poor canadian services bypass, which must be perceived, are still waiting for the equity.

In December, seeing that his government had other concerns, the brave Steven Guilbeault, a minister full of good will even if it is said that the question of the GST would take ” maybe a few more months “. These days, in the middle of a storm of conflicts of interest, the prime minister and his friend finance rather seek to save their skin that to fulfill their promises.


It must be said also, the COVID has a good back. Regardless of the level of government, regardless of the public service, the virus serves as the pretext for all the delays and all the dilly-dallying. It is to believe that our elected officials will continue to rely on the coronavirus, long after his disappearance.

It would take a concerted effort of all governments to come to the end of monopolies, monstrous in form of Facebook and its ilk. Even the boycott of the advertisers do nothing. Since the beginning of July, hundreds of major international advertisers (including our governments) have left Facebook under the pretext that we do not control enough of the content that is hateful. “They will return “, is simply said Zuckerberg, shrugging his shoulders. Why get upset when the 100 largest advertisers in the world are just 6% of advertising revenue of Facebook ?

More conciliatory than the other big bosses of the net, Reed Hastings plays a good corporate citizen. His company spends it 100, 200, or 300 million per year in Canada in various forms ? Impossible to answer. At Netflix, we become mute as a carp if you ask this kind of questions. What we do know, however, is that Netflix receives more than a billion a year to its canadian subscribers.


No country has yet managed to impose the giants of the net. France, which is often cited as an example, has legislated in July 2019, but has not applied its law. Paris is concerned that Donald Trump is following through on its threat to require customs duties, compensatory equivalent to the taxes that the giants of the net should pay.

Anyway, the French tax was only temporary. It would have been refunded if the OECD countries would get along finally on a system of international taxation more fair and more effective to impose the giants of the net. The ultimate deadline was set for the fall that comes.

In mid-June, citing a lack of progress in the negotiations of the OECD, Washington, however, responsible in part for their slowness, decided to withdraw for an indefinite time. The withdrawal of the Us.U. puts an end to any hope of a near term agreement on the taxation of the giants of the net.

Small friendly visits of Zuckerberg, Donald Trump obviously have nothing to see there. It is a simple coincidence…

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