The girl cage had been married half a week, demanding money for the divorce

The actor had the marriage annulled four days later

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Девушка, на которой Кейдж был женат полнедели, требует деньги за развод

Nicolas Cage

Less than a month ago the famous American actor Nicolas cage was married to a girl named Erica Bed only four days, after which, he decided to annul the marriage. Eric is serious, although she disagrees with the decision of Nicolas, however, to begin the divorce process asks for a large sum of money, reports TMZ.

Erika Koike has filed documents in response to the statement of the actor on the cancellation of marriage last month. Cage claims that he “acted impulsively and did not have the ability to understand all the consequences of their actions” and said that the marriage was based on fraud.

Erica claims that she lost career opportunities during a long relationship with cage and his accusations have undermined its reputation. Note that the pair have been Dating since April 2018.

We have previously reported that before obtaining a marriage certificate behavior, Nicolas cage was pretty weird and in no way resembled the behavior of the happy bridegroom. The fact that the actor was screaming that his future wife Erika Koike intends to take all his money, and her ex boyfriend is a drug dealer. Why in this case, cage dared at such responsible step is unknown.

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