The girls were replaced by grandmothers, and the alcohol – blood pressure monitor: as the redhead from “Simons” forced to cry users Instagram

Девушек сменил на бабушек, а алкоголь – на тонометр: как рыжий из "Иванушек" заставил плакать пользователей Instagram

today, 09:14

The famous singer Andrey Grigoriev-the Apollo, which is more popularly known as Ginger from “Ivanushki International”, was for some time again. However, this time not due to the new hit, and for something that is advertised on his page in Instagram the Swiss tonometer, adding that the device helps him to monitor the health of your “flaming engine”.

It should be noted that the once very famous singer is approaching the milestone of 50 years, so, probably, and began to worry for his health, advertising tonometer.

Девушек сменил на бабушек, а алкоголь – на тонометр: как рыжий из "Иванушек" заставил плакать пользователей Instagram

A screenshot of the message

“Tours, travels – everything requires energy! The main and the main a barometer of well-being, which is necessary for each kid with experience is a tonometer! I have here a Swiss. It is convenient to take on trips, so in Bali it with me! Runs on batteries, and I’m happy – you know how to work my flaming engine! In the nature!”, – said the singer.

After this the network just exploded with reports that youth has long left as the singer, so their listeners that even at a young age conquered the disco it was under his hits.

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