The golf season starts in slow motion

The sun is slow to show the tip of the nose and golfers too. With the bad weather of recent days, golf clubs in the region must be patient before starting the long-awaited start.

H ortunately, the coming weeks promise beautiful and condition of land will improve gradually as of Saturday, though in some, the greens and fairways are doing well though. Which explains why several clubs have already been open for almost two weeks. In Orford, however, it will be necessary to wait until May 9 before crossing the tees. At Longchamp, we will open the pitch this Saturday.

“Our field of practice has been accessible for two weeks, but we wanted to wait until Saturday before starting our activities completely, explains the professional Marc Viens. Our land is beautiful and it will be one of our best openings for a long time. Irrigation works have helped a lot: it is slightly tempered like everywhere else because of the heavy rain, but we see a clear progression. ”

At the Milby Golf Club, golfers have access to the golf course since April 27.

“When the weather is nice, the fever is there. Our greens are beautiful, just like the whole terrain despite the circumstances, “says Guy Faucher, the professional places.

At the Sherbrooke Golf Club, golfers have also been shy for a week.

“The place is open since Friday, we expect the weather, but we can still use the carts on the ground,” informs employee Rémy Lessard.

As is the tradition, the Coaticook Golf Club was one of the first to welcome guests.

“Our land is getting dry quickly. On Sunday, April 22, there were already people on the aisles. The start is however slow, “said Marco Caron.

Professional Donald St-Pierre of the Waterville Golf Club also began his season on April 22.

“Last Tuesday, we received 210 golfers! Our greens are perfect. We are lucky! The terrain is not so hot; it is surprising. ”

In Lennoxville, we also seem very satisfied with the state of the land.

” Everything is going well! There is no disease on our lawn. We can not complain, “admits Bertrand Collin, director of the Old Lennox Golf Club.

“We’re waiting for the sun on our side as well,” said Anthony Levasseur of the North Hatley Golf Club. It’s open since April 25th here and our property is ready to welcome guests. ”

At the Sherbrooke Golf Club, golfers have been shy for a week.
At the Sherbrooke Golf Club, golfers have been shy for a week.
Attract young people and especially girls

The golf industry is doing well despite the aging of the population. The challenge for owners and managers of golf courses in the region: to attract young boys and girls as well.

“It’s still hard to count on young members or young visitors. As for boys, it’s not that bad, but girls are rare on golf courses. We are present in schools, but I have the impression that it would take a Quebecer who stands out in the LPGA, like Maude-Aimee Leblanc for example. On the member side, we had a record year last season and that looks good this season, although I expect a slight decline, “said Guy Faucher, professional Milby.

“Sunday at 1:30 pm, we organize a clinic for young people with Marc-Étienne Bussière. We are complete with respect to members thanks to our 200 registrations, but we try to add more young members or visitors to ensure a certain succession “, informs Marc Viens de Longchamp.

“We often give free access to the youngest for the first time,” says Bertrand Collin, Director of the Old Lennox Golf Club. We are always happy when we see a dad arrive with his boy, or even better, with his young daughter. Our clientele is aging like everywhere else. Soccer is progressing and parents are encouraged to come with their children. It is the same problem everywhere: the succession is rare for girls. ”

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