The governor of Michigan at the centre of controversy on the déconfinement

La gouverneure du Michigan au centre d’une polémique sur le déconfinement

The governor Michigan democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, was Tuesday at the centre of controversy, after her husband had sought to use its position to put the family boat in the water, in apparent contradiction with the recommendations of déconfinement still strict that it had made, according to the local press.

In mid-march, Ms. Whitmer had decreed restrictions among the toughest in the country to curb the epidemic of coronavirus in its northern State of the United States, one of the most affected by the disease COVID-19.

Since then it has become a prime target for opponents of the containment and of the president Donald Trump, a supporter of the rapid reopening of the u.s. economy.

Last week, the owner of a business, wintering of boats in northern Michigan has told its page on Facebook have received a call from a man asking to put his boat in the water for the long holiday weekend of Memorial Day, reports the daily Detroit News.

In this message, which is more public now, Tad Dowker explains that his employees have refused this request because the company has started to work “three weeks late” due to the containment.

The man on the phone would have then clarified that it was Mark Mallory, the husband of Mrs. Whitmer, and asked if it was ” making a difference “.

The governor is considered as one of the leading nominees for the position of vice-president Joe Biden, the democratic candidate for the presidential election in November.

May 18, Ms. Whitmer had authorized the resumption of some activities for the holiday of Memorial Day in the north of the State, a tourist area surrounded by lakes where she owns a house.

She had, however, cautioned non-residents of that region, asking them not to rush and to “think carefully” before getting there.

In a statement, the spokesman of Mrs. Whitmer, Tiffany Brown, has refused to comment on “the use of time staff of the governor or his family,” as well as ” all the rumors that are propagated on the social networks.

In a message posted later, the company wintering clarified that Marc Mallory had expressed his understanding when he was told that an update to the water his boat was impossible quickly.

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