The grand anti-Western coalition is growing stronger

Anti-Western grand coalition grows stronger


A logic of confrontation between empires is taking hold more and more strongly in international relations. 

At the heart of this struggle, China and the United States are fighting over the planet. More and more, China gathers around it developing countries. Together, these countries blame Westerners for all the evils, thus bringing up to date an old communist refrain that still pays off.

What are China and the United States looking for?

The United States and China are each fighting to find as many allies as possible. Each makes promises to undecided countries. African and Latin American countries in particular are courted by the two great powers. Faced with this rivalry, several countries hope to play the United States against China to obtain maximum gains. India, for example, has just strengthened its military agreements with Russia, but wants to retain its access to Western markets. 

What do American leaders think of this rivalry with China?

The military understands well the logic of the consolidation of alliances. Leaders close to the business community, much less. In the United States, although Democrats and Republicans agree on the threat posed by China, some leaders of the Biden administration, such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, are trying to cut corners. They would like American defense-related companies to be completely independent of China and its allies, but not companies in other fields. This division is illusory. First of all, it is very difficult to draw a line between the fields of defense and the others. Then, the rivalry with China extends to all economic sectors. 

Why is economic cooperation with China dangerous?

It would be much healthier, in short-term economic logic, to continue to trade with China, as before. This temptation is not only that of European industrialists, but also that of American business leaders. But if China's economic development continues for the next 20 years as it has for the past 20, there won't be much left of Western economic power. Short-term profit risks being realized at the expense of the well-being of future generations. The rivalry with China is no longer just military. It is also economical. And Xi Jinping's government uses all means, legal and illegal, to win markets.

How is the rivalry also political?

The rivalry has also become political again. China, like Russia, blames the West, and especially the Americans, for all the ills plaguing the planet. This smear campaign, which takes full advantage of woke ideologies, clears the corrupt and incompetent elites of several countries. Xi Jinping's totalitarian China even has the nerve to talk about defending rights and freedoms. The countries that China manages to attract to its camp enable it to gain votes in international institutions and extend its control there.

Why has China made the West its enemy?

The United States and its allies have helped China a lot since Richard Nixon's visit in 1972. But Xi Jinping's government feels threatened by the only existence of democracies. He is right. As long as democracies exist, they will provide an enviable counter model to the Chinese regime. ” alt=”The grand anti-Western coalition is growing stronger ” />