The granddaughter of Elvis Presley reacts to the death of his brother

La petite-fille d’Elvis Presley réagit à la mort de son frère

American actress Riley Keough has posted a long message on Saturday as a tribute to his brother, Benjamin, who took her own life last week.

Benjamin Keough, 27 years old, committed suicide by firearm last Saturday in Calabasas California.

The young man was the son of Lisa Marie Presley and the grand-son of the “King”, Elvis Presley.

The family had not made a comment before this publication is shared on the account Instagram of Riley.

“The mornings are the most difficult. I forget that you are gone. I’m not crying because I’m afraid of never stop me. A pain that is new for me,” she wrote.

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Mornings are the hardest. I forget you’re gone. I can’t cry because of the fear that I will never stop. A bread that’s new to me. You. There are no words for you. Angel is the closest I could think of. Pure light. Baby brother. Best friend. Wild man. Intellectual. Witness to my life. Twin soul. Protector. Too sensitive for this harsh world. I hope you give me strength to endure the giant hole you’ve left in my heart. I hope you give me the strength to eat. I hope you’re cradled in love. I hope you feel my love. I hope you feel god. You are god. I can’t believe you’ve left me. Not you sweet Ben Ben. Anyone but you. I guess this is true heartbreak. I hope we meet again.

A publication shared by Riley Keough (@rileykeough) on 18 Jul. 2020 at 8 :28 am PDT

She then goes on a long tirade where she describes her brother and where she wishes him to be at peace.

“You. There are no words to describe you. An angel, it is the closest thing I can think of. A being of light. My little brother. My best friend. A man rebel. Intellectual. The witness of my life. My soul sister. A protector. You were too delicate for this difficult world. I hope that you give me the strength to live with the massive hole you left in my heart. I hope that you give me the strength to eat. I hope you are cradled by love. I hope that you feel my love. I hope that you feel God. You’re a god. I can’t believe that you to me have left. Not you, dear Ben Ben. All the world except you. I imagine that’s what it is, a real heartbreak. I hope that we will see you back one day.”

The manager of Lisa Marie Presley, Roger Widynowski, had indicated to the AFP that it was “completely devastated, inconsolable and devastated, but she tries to hold good for the twins of 11 years old, and his eldest daughter, Riley”.

Fleeing the spotlight, Benjamin Keough, the only boy of the siblings, seemed to be almost never in public.

The few published photographs of him showed his resemblance to his grandfather, a legend of rock’n’roll.

“Sometimes, I’m absolutely blown away when I see it”, explained Lisa Marie Presley at the CMT about the resemblance of her son with Elvis.

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