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The Great Kiss Plot

The Great Kissing Plot


If you have a son under 30, chances are he was scarred by the movie series Toy Story (Toy Story) and his astronaut Buzz Lightyear.

I guarantee you, though, that he didn't like it any more than my son.

The scenes in which Buzz took off shouting “ To infinity and beyond » hypnotized him.

I was afraid that he would launch himself from the top of the stairs.


Disney is coming to release another film in the series, titled Lightyear

We see two women kissing very briefly. 

In the States United, a certain Puritan right is in turmoil: Disney would promote the LGBTQ agenda to children, another sign of our moral decadence.

It's obviously a huge overstatement.

It's normal for movies to reflect the diversity of sensibilities present in a society, and it's not as if Hollywood doesn't produce plenty of movies showing a more traditional outlook. behaviors.

I'm not too sure what the danger is in showing children that, yes, there are people who can love other people of the same sex.

My annoyance is rather due to the monumental hypocrisy of a Hollywood industry that bends over backwards to tick all the right boxes of what passes for ideological progressivism, while turning a blind eye to the monstrous private lives of many stars in the industry.  

But at least in the United States and the rest of the West the film is not banned.

Criticizing a film is indeed one thing, banning it is another.  

As of this writing, Lightyearis banned in 14 countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and Lebanon. < /p>

These are all countries in which intimate same-sex relationships, as well as their representations, are prohibited and subject to heavy penalties.

These are all countries in which Islam is the dominant religion.

China, however, is also preparing to join the list.

There's an ocean of difference between our debates over a movie that no one is obligated to approve or see, and a state deciding what its citizens are allowed to see or not see.&nbsp ; 


By the way, credit Disney for refusing to bow to the dictates of those countries that demanded the elimination of the cursed kiss as a condition to give the green light to the film.

Of course, it was not out of greatness of soul, but because these markets, including the Chinese, are insignificant for Disney and that bend would have caused an uproar in the lucrative markets.

Our Western societies have many flaws and are often the scene of insignificant debates, but it is surely no coincidence that so many people want to come live there, right?

Could it be that they don't deserve a permanent trial?

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