The Great Library: a reopening in the enthusiasm

La Grande Bibliothèque: une réouverture dans l’enthousiasme

MONTREAL – Many Montrealers were pleased to find their Large Library on Thursday morning, while the institution now allows the booking of online materials and their collection at a counter ready.

“I very much appreciate and I couldn’t wait for it to reopen, says Gilles Tanguay, a veteran of the Great Library. I am a subscriber since I am retired. Me, I read at least 100 books per year. We did not have this in area libraries as well-developed as it is here.”

Since 2 July, it is now possible to retrieve a document reserved in advance, online or by phone, to the Great Library. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have received a notice confirming that the document is available before showing up on the scene. Returns of documents on the spot. It is also possible to subscribe by making.

“I’ll be back for the first time today, it is to return books that I had reserved for the containment, explains Florian Blache, also a regular visitor to the institution. I don’t live very far away, two streets, and I used to come once a week before.”

“I am very happy to be able to return, because it is an advantage to have access to the books free of charge, and the number of books is pretty huge in the Great Library,” he says. It prevents the need to go out and buy books. And there, it’s been three months where if you want to read something, you are obliged to go buy it.”


In order to meet the health standards, a maximum of 50 persons is permitted to the interior of the Great Library, whereas before the pandemic, the building could accommodate up to 1000 people at the same time. The user wishing to retrieve a book will have to present first his / her reservation code to a first docking station at the back entrance of the library, and then go to the counter of loans that will have previously put aside his book.

“We are already 13 000 reservations, and of this number, there are already 10 000 documents that are ready to be recovered today by the users,” describes Martin Dubois, executive director of the Great Library.

During the passage of the “24 Hours”, around thirty people was the queue to retrieve a document.

“I was missing, really a lot, says Violaine Campo, a unconditional of the Great Library. It really is a pleasure to be able to withdraw books. Me, I have two children: I do not buy books, I am only going to the library, and also the smaller area. We live ten minutes walk away, and I have four cards: two adults, two children.”

“I think it’s really great how they set up the system to reserve books and to be able to pick them up. It provides access to documents despite the situation,” sums up, for its part, Chloe Laframboise, who came Thursday to seek documents for the work.

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