The great patron saint of the computer is already part

La grande patronne de l’informatique déjà partie

As soon named as soon as part. The rising star of the government of Quebec and the great patroness of the computer, Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil, leaves the public service for a salary a lot more generous in the private sector.

According to our information, it would be joining the ranks of the insurance company La Capitale-SSQ, as executive vice-president in information technology.

She would be joining the ex-head of the public service and chief executive in The Capital Jean St-Gelais. It would be a very generous offer.

Yet, last October, the career public servant has become the great patron saint of the computer, the fifth in this position in five years.

With a salary of 207 168 $ per year, as a senior official, she inherited the management of a budget of$4 billion.

Quebec had just dismiss Benoit Boivin, in particular because of its handling of two attacks that have crippled ministries.

Offers unbeatable

But four months later, she is already announcing his departure. “With us, we welcome it with much sadness and a lot of disappointment. Because since her appointment, Catherine had “made the difference” very positively in the orientation and acceleration of the digital transformation of government, ” it said, in an interview, Eric Cairo.

He argues that the departure of a manager of quality in the hands of the private because of a better salary is a ” good news and bad news “.

He said that few organizations have the ability to make an offer like that Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil has received. “And, she deserves,” he says. “The positive message is that there are people of very high quality in the public service. “

Loss important

However, the minister admits that there is a significant loss for the government.

Moreover, Québec has put in motion the construction of the digital transformation. Before his departure, Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil has set up a québec policy on cybersecurity, a cell of specialists in cyber security and the infancy of the digital identity.

Now, who will become the sixth boss of the computer in five years ? The government’s choice is not yet final. There would be a short list of three or four people.


September 2014

  • Jean-Marie Levesque share a year before the end of its mandate.

October 2014

  • The new boss Jean-Guy Lemieux is leaving the post to his turn to avoid an appearance of a conflict of interest.

February 2016

  • Two years after his appointment, Yves Ouellet wants to do something else.

June 2016

  • The government shall appoint finally the official Benoit Boivin.

October 2019

  • After several bad decisions that followed the attacks in the ministries, Benoit Boivin is thanked. Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil is named interim.

February 2020

  • Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil is officially named grand patron of the computer.

June 2020

  • After 20 years in the public service, Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil and accepts a position for the insurance company Capital.

June 2020

  • Who will be the new boss ?
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