The great release

Le grand relâchement

While Quebec saw a “pivotal period” in the fight against the coronavirus, where vigilance is called for, force is to note that a little bit everywhere, rather, it is the general relaxation which takes place.

The time lag between the instructions and their actual application is striking, since the beginning of the summer, and is growing.

Many are those who bear testimony to it, and worry about it.

Just go out to a restaurant, visit a grocery store, a pharmacy or a trade of some kind. The extreme vigilance which was this spring, has given way to the nonchalance or negligence.

Vigilance flat

Very few people wear the mask and adhere to the rules of distancing. The arrows have disappeared in several places. The entry of excessive number of shops, the disinfection is now random.

However, the last thing we want is to go back to square one in the fall, one of the great confinement. The virus is still active, and even on the rise in many countries where it has wreaked havoc before us.

Thirst to live

To those who see in the current situation the disappearance of cinemas and many social activities, this great release also indicates just the opposite. Deprived of that which constitutes the essence of their lives, Quebecers are thirsty for life. It is includes.

Also as soon as a vaccine or a drug will have because of this virus, or will keep the symptoms under control, many of us will we rush to the cinemas, concert halls, arenas and restaurants. We also will be several of us rushing to book a trip.

The projects, such as family and friends, that is after all, the life. But let’s be careful, precisely, to make sure that in the meantime, life will triumph in these times of pandemic.

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