The greatest voices of Quebec

Les plus grandes voix du Québec

Cédric Bélanger

For a singer, or a singer, the voice is a gift. A gift with which they move us, surprise us, give us chills. Who are our most beautiful voices in Quebec? Journalists Sandra Godin and Cédric Bélanger have put together a playlist of their favourites for voices that often are the basis for moments of great emotion. A list that, without intending it, is a bit nostalgic!

If you want me to pay for a drink, Serge Reggiani by Isabelle Boulay

Sandra Godin : Hello Cédric! I run the ball from our selection with how how to convey emotions with his voice and me, capsized. I had a lot of trouble to stop my choice on a single song. But I remember that in the show, her interpretation of poignant to this piece of Serge Reggiani had left me in the throat as she deploys all of its intensity.

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You will find the peace, Renée Claude

Cédric Bélanger : Isabelle, I’ve always had a weakness for The moon, yet not a title track of his discography. I’m going to stay in the female voices, and I think that a tip of the hat to Renée Claude is required. Because it comes from from. Because You will find peace, it is both a message that we want to start him and we start.

  • To listen to the same artist : The beginning of a new time, tonight I make love with you

For a history of one evening, Marie-Denise Pelletier

SG : What an inspiring message she left as a legacy! Did you know that Luc Plamondon had written much for it? The lyricist has also put his talent to the service of several of our great voices. As to be in the classics, I remember this song written for Marie-Denise Pelletier in 1987, a song that some of you may have the urge to hum again in that period of déconfinement…

  • To listen to the same artist : All the screams of the SOS, to Invent the earth

Billions of things, Luce Dufault

CB : In the sub-sector Plamondon, there is also Luce Dufault, revealed in Starmania. Ah, the voice of Luce! A national treasure. The easy choice would have been a Night of scotch. Except that the emotional charge on billions of things is, to my taste, to me, even stronger.

  • To listen to the same artist : Night of scotch, What’s left of us

Give me the tenderness, Ginette Reno

SG : Speaking of priceless treasure : the obvious choice for this list, the great Ginette. Again, think of The essential or A little higher, a little further away. But this song is in my opinion one of the most beautiful of his immense repertoire. The duo powerful that it forms, with Marc Hervieux, another great voice, gives you goose bumps.

  • To listen to the same artist : I need to talk, I’m only a song

In the name of reason, Laurence Jalbert

CB : You see, earlier, when you spoke of your throat because of the tune of Isabelle Boulay? I experienced the same kind of vertigo emotional when the great Laurence had sung On behalf of reason with a chorus of 400 voices, several years ago, at the Grand Theatre. It is almost disappointing to listen to the original version after this, but I want it anyway…

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I’m sick, Lara Fabian

SG : We could be talking a long time of these moments in the show that we snapped up the emotions. Last my list : hear I am sick, by Lara Fabian. She is so embodied that its interpretation is never the same, night after night. With this piece de resistance and I love you, she showed the world that his vocal power was almost unmatched.

  • To listen to the same artist : Humana, Seize the day

Crying in the rain, Mario Pelchat

CB : 1 – It lacks the votes guys, and Mario is a reference. 2 – I would like to pay tribute to the distinguished participants (they will recognize themselves if they read us) who are époumonés on Crying in the rain at the karaoke night, the last birthday of my girlfriend.

  • To listen to the same artist : to Travel without you, When one believes in it

I love you, Sylvain Cossette

SG : Ah, the famous cry Mario! There it is, I sing at the top of your lungs. If it remains in the songs of love essential to our male voices, it’s hard to miss That I love you, what you dream all secretly to sing by someone other than Sylvain Cossette.

  • To listen to the same artist : I need, If I remember

If God exists, Claude Dubois

Claude Dubois

CB : All, except Andrea, of course. I rest on the male side of the force voice. Believer or not, it is impossible to resist the interpretation to flower of skin of Dubois on this song we do find that version live on the sites of streaming.

  • To listen to the same artist : The blues of the businessman, I remember yet

Love, Bruno Pelletier

SG : The most impressive thing is that the voice of Dubois remains intact at the age of 73. That said, I grew up with music in quebec in the late 1990s, the period which saw bloom Cossette, Dufault, Boulay… and Bruno Pelletier. If many associate the beginning of his career in Miserere, I remember him Like, with its soaring vocal finale that sounds like a cry from the heart.

  • To listen to the same artist : Tough, Since you’re gone

Sneaks, Charlotte Cardin

CB : The value of a vote should wait the number of years? Not necessarily so. She is still young, but Charlotte Cardin is already characterized by a mastery of high level of her vocal cords. I chose Sneak where Cardin, in French, shows his agility in the heights.

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While, Geneviève Jodoin

SG : I’m so agree with you. Just like Charlotte, The Voice made us discover a lot of great voices. I never been so excited before a performance television that when interpreting For that, success of Gilles Vigneault worn by Geneviève Jodoin as sensitive as powerful.

  • To listen to the same artist : The people of my country, I always knew

Loadé as a gun, Éric Lapointe

CB : Yes, Eric Lapointe. Technically, it is far from a Bruno Pelletier and all the voices mentioned above. It is true. It’s still a distinctive voice, striking, like no other, looks like Alain Goldberg. Recognizable among a thousand. He deserves his place here.

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All By Myself, Celine Dion

SG : We could argue your choice, I agree, but it should give you a result on the uniqueness of the voice of Lapointe. I end with a final proposal, the proposal, indisputable. We did not forget our Celine? In my opinion, All By Myself is the best expression of the vocal power of the singer of Charlemagne, because of this famous note, a fa in the voice of chest, a feat that raises the standing ovation at each of its shows.

  • To listen to the same artist : Fly To you, that you love me still


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