The greenback received a 15 thousand congratulations because of the failure of gift to sons

Американец получил 15 тысяч поздравлений из-за неудачного подарка сыновей

He had to change the phone number.

Fellow Americans Michael and Chris ferry decided unusual way to congratulate the birthday of his father, Chris ferry, Sr., who on March 16 is 62 years old. Young people have installed near the entrance to Altantic city a huge Billboard with the inscription: “Wish my dad a happy birthday!”. Below in smaller font is written: “With love, your sons”. And given the phone number of the birthday boy and his photo. Information on Billboard, the brothers are also distributed in social networks. In the end, the family ferry got more than expected, reports the with reference on the Facts. The first was a call from someone named Nick. “I said, “Nick? What Is The Nickname? You don’t know me, how did you know about my birthday? And he said: “I Saw on a Billboard”. And then the phone Chris was a barrage of calls and messages that came from all over the world – including from Kenya, Luxembourg, Ireland, Germany, Guatemala, Nepal, Australia, Philippines. As CNN reports, a few days a number of congratulations has exceeded 15 thousand. At first the man was happy with the surprise, and answered all calls and messages personally. Then connect the answering machine. His mood changed, he was angry. “It was fun at first. Then I just wanted them to kill,” Chris said, without specifying who exactly the well – wishers or sons.

In the end he had to change phone number as it could no longer properly use the device. Meanwhile, a Billboard ordered until early April. So the old number will continue to receive calls.

The brothers admit that they never thought that their invention would cause such a response. They hoped that their call will respond to a few locals who are familiar with Chris.


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