The greenback received a secret message from the last century

About an unusual discovery of the man reported on his page on Facebook

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Американец получил тайное послание из прошлого века

A man from the United States found in a bottle letter

August 5, an American from Alaska named Tyler Ivanoff said on his page on Facebook about the incredible discovery. The man found on the beach a bottle with a message from the Russian city of Vladivostok.

“Today I found a note in a bottle – written by Ivanoff, accompanied by a post with pictures of letters. – Among my acquaintances there are those who can translate the text from Russian into English?”.

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The entry in Facebook became viral and gathered hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments. Many Internet users love to come to the aid of the Americans and transferred him a note.

In the letter the author said that he served on the depot ship “Sulak” in Vladivostok. He asked the finder of the bottle person to write the crew “Vostokrybprom” and indicated the exact address. “Wish You good health, long life and a happy voyage,” concluded the message man. A note dated 20 June 1969.

We will remind, in January 2018 resident of Australia Tonya Illman told a wonderful story: she was found on the beach a message in a bottle thrown into the sea, 132 years ago. Also, “Today” wrote that in Australia, the ocean washed up on land a bottle with a secret message inside.

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