The groom before the wedding went to jail because of a “gift” for the bride

In the US, the groom stole a wedding ring before the wedding

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Жених перед свадьбой попал в тюрьму из-за "подарка" для невесты

In the US, the groom’s stole to the bride’s wedding ring

October 4, a resident of an American city Groveton, Texas (USA), by name Hit Edward Bumpus robbed a Bank branch to buy an engagement ring for his beloved. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Law enforcement authorities received footage from surveillance cameras and published photos of the suspect in the official group in Facebook. Bride of Bambusa saw on pictures lover and insisted that he surrendered to the police. The man surrendered and confessed to the crime.

Жених перед свадьбой попал в тюрьму из-за "подарка" для невесты

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Armed robbery a man threw his clothes out the car window. Soon, a police officer found the things, and the gun of the offender.

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The American was taken into custody pending a court verdict. He was charged with robbery with aggravating circumstances. At the moment Bumpus returned most of the stolen money.

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