The group “Okean Elzy” released a new lyrical track

The lyrics contain references to historical events of Ukraine

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Группа "Океан Эльзы" выпустила новый лирический трек

The group “Okean Elzy” released a new song

Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”, whose leader creates their own political party, has pleased fans with a premiere of new songs. The track is called “Choven”. According to the band’s frontman Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, this song he wrote in the year 2019 a few days before his birthday.

Who was the real Muse Svyatoslav Vakarchuk:

“She was born in a very short time, literally in half an hour. I sat at the piano and began to appear not only music, but words, which happens very not often. The first time I sang it to the accompaniment of guitar friends on his birthday, and inspired by what they liked, we found the time during this difficult period and recorded it,” – said Vakarchuk.

The lyrics contain references to historical events in Ukraine in different times.

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“Image “left and right coast”, when one side “flower gardens” and “alien footprints” for me, a very hard-won history personally,” admitted Vakarchuk.

We will remind, earlier rock band “Okean Elzy” presented a new song called “Skilki us.” Many netizens said that the Intro to the new song reminds the ballot.

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