The Grudge : the trailer is well creepy of the reboot

The Grudge : the trailer for the reboot scheduled for January 2020 at the cinema

The nightmare resumes… 11 years after the release of The Grudge 3, the franchise will make its grand return in 2020, with a reboot simply titled The Grudge. In the casting ? John Cho, Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir, who will be face to face with a ghost terrifying. The proof with the first trailer that will give you some cold sweats.

Horror movies are more popular than ever ! After That : Chapter 2, Annabelle : The House of evil, or even Child’s Play : the Doll’s bad, this is another franchise that is back to shake and haunt us.

The phantom wakes up

In 2004, Sarah Michelle Gellar was the star of The Grudge, “adapted from the japanese film Ju-On , released in 2002. This new version of the saga of horror will feature an all new cast to make a terrifying ghost who haunts a house. Each person entering is condemned to suffer a violent end and deadly. The detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) are going to try to save his skin and that of his son after having entered the premises. Moral of the story : when there’s a knock on a door and nobody answers, it does not in a home !

Directed by Nicolas Pesce and produced by Sam Raimi (Crawl, Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead), The Grudge should be out at the cinema in January 2020. In the Face of Andrea Riseborough, one will find in the casting Demian Bichir (The Nun), John Cho (Star Trek) and Betty Gilpin (GLOW). We’ll let you discover the trailer without waiting in our slideshow.

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