The grumbling intensifies in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

La grogne s'intensifie à Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

SAINT-ÉLIE-DE-CAXTON | The coordinator of the leisure, culture and tourism of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton has obtained a leave of absence of disease as a result of the resignations of two municipal councillors in the last two weeks.

The work climate of a deleterious reign currently in the small municipality of the Region continues to have consequences. Since the post of mayor Robert Gauthier in 2017, not less than five elected representatives have slammed the door.

According to a detailed report obtained by TVA Nouvelles, a councillor has quit his job, citing the chaotic situation that currently reigns in human resources management within the municipality. Others cite personal reasons and some elected officials reiterate that their resignation is due to the work climate.

VAT News has tried to reach the mayor Gauthier on the phone, without success. He was absent during the passing of our team at the offices of the municipality.

Under the cover of anonymity, a source has confirmed that the work climate is difficult. “There’s a lot of pressure internally, let’s say that the micro-management of the mayor shakes up several! There are several mistakes that have been made in the past […]. It is a small community in the municipal world, but sometimes it plays “rough”,” said this source.

Impacts on traders

This work climate not only affects municipal employees. It also has an impact on the traders.

“These small errors there, it will up to the merchants […]. The tension is felt, it seems, to the people who come to visit. There are less people because of the pandemic, but it was like that also before. I’m afraid that several shops close soon,” added the anonymous source.

A petition of over 1000 signatures filed in November 2019 to demand an investigation by the department of municipal Affairs has not yielded result. “There are no serious reasons to intervene in the small political wrangling local to Saint-Élie-de-Caxton […] the municipality is well-managed,” said the ministry.

“It’s about time that someone came here to dig a little more and see how that goes […]. It is necessary all the same people are active on the municipal stage. I look forward to see who will stand in the next elections and who would want to take the chance of becoming a councillor” believes that, despite all the source of VAT New.

The citizens hope to have answered at the session of the city council scheduled for next Monday.

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