The guard took video of a spooky night scene in the hospital

A man from the UK claims that he saw a video of a Ghost

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Охранник снял на видео жуткую ночную сцену в больнице

In a British hospital Ghost caught on video

Employee of the security systems of one of the British clinics in Belfast John McCready on his page in Facebook posted a video of a “Ghost” that supposedly got the record of the surveillance camera. The other day a man called to check the “strange behavior alarms” when he noticed this unusual phenomenon.

Maccready complained that lately at night often the alarm is triggered, although apparent reason for this. When a man is found no fault in the system, he decided to watch the CCTV footage.

Watch the video: the Ghost of a hanged man appeared in a British prison

In the video, filmed January 24, late in the evening, John McCready noticed that one of the premises automatic doors open by themselves. In the lower left corner of the screen, you notice a dark figure that “runs” past the reception Desk and then goes to the door of the hospital.

Earlier we wrote that in Chinese subway video hit the Ghost train. In addition, Julia Roberts said that she was attacked by a Ghost.

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