The “guardian angels” relieved to be able to consider a life here

Des «anges gardiens» soulagés de pouvoir envisager une vie ici

The anxiety to be expelled from Québec comes of falling for a family of asylum seekers lending a hand to seniors in the fight to the COVID-19, while the government Legault has announced the regularisation of the status of ” guardian angels “.

“It was just a piece of paper that we blocked the whole life “, launches Abderahmane Sebbache, arrived in the country by the rang Roxham, in Montérégie, in December 2018.

The 31-year-old and his wife, Yasmina Dakar, then five months pregnant, had crossed the canada-u.s. border on foot, with their 4-year old son who was sleeping in the arms of his father. They only had a simple backpack on the shoulders.

Nearly two years later, the family can obtain permanent residence through the work of patient care attendant (PAB) to Ms. Dakar.

The young mother of 31 years, who was trained as a COP on his arrival in Quebec, is working full-time since mid-April at the Former Boarding school Côte-Saint-Paul, in the south-west of Montreal, an intermediate resource to the public for seniors.

The minister of Immigration of Quebec, Nadine Girault, confirmed Friday that the special Programme for asylum seekers in the period of COVID-19 (PSDAPC) will allow those who have provided direct care for at least 120 hours, between march 13 and August 14, 2020, to settle permanently in the province.

“We relied a lot on these asylum-seekers […]. They went to help, they took care of our people vulnerable and our seniors, ” she testified.

This resolution was made possible by the announcement in Ottawa on Friday morning, according to which the Canada régularisera the status of these asylum-seekers.

Start living

“All of our projects were based on access to the daycare,” says the father of Djad, age 6, and Noah, 16 months, who comes to learn this week that his wife is pregnant of 2 months.

“From today, we may initiate our projects, and to begin to live properly. We’re going to settle in the Abitibi region, Val-d’or, this is what we wanted since the beginning, ” says one who works as a security officer for the medical group Westmount Square.


Even if it is on the list of essential workers established by Quebec, the security officer is not covered by the special Program.

The president of the movement Standing up for the dignity, Wilner Cayo, welcomes this news, but regrets to this inconsistency.

“The small joy [of the announcement] is drowned in a sea of frustration,” he said. Many essential workers are being left behind. The people who do the cleaning in NURSING homes or security guards do they not also risk ? “

– With Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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