The Guide to self-2021 unveils its cover

Le Guide de l’auto 2021 dévoile sa couverture

For its issue of 2021, The Guide of the self has chosen to put the new Ford Bronco featured on their cover page.

After years of waiting, the Bronco is back on our roads in a format that is more eccentric than ever. Available in versions with two and four doors, it becomes a rival to direct the legendary Jeep Wrangler. There is no doubt that this new rivalry will be one of the most interesting to monitor over the next few years.

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First launched in 1966 (a year before the first issue of the Guide of the car), the Ford Bronco has marked an entire generation of drivers by its timeless design and its large capacity off-road.

After an absence of nearly a quarter of a century, the arrival of this new model is certainly one of the highlights of the automotive world in the last year and the team of the Guide of the auto is proud to be able to mark its return in a big way.

About the Guide to self-2021

A veritable institution in Quebec, The Guide of the self is more complete than ever for this 55th edition, with a team of seasoned experts including Gabriel Gélinas, Marc Lachapelle, Antoine Joubert and Daniel Melançon.

Edition 2021 of the Guide of the self promises more exclusives, including two matches comparative, unpublished, a special folder on Ferrari as well as a large-scale project chronicling the history of the Manic, this car quebec whose adventure has, unfortunately, ended there are now 50 years old.

The Guide of the self, it is also more than 300 models tested, the best shopping in all categories as well as concepts and models to come the most enticing.

The Guide of the self, this is THE guide automotive in Quebec, the original since 1967. Find-the everywhere as early as September!

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