The guy decided to support my friend and passed to the next stage of the “X-factor”: “you Have four “Yes”

Парень решил поддержать подругу и прошел в следующий этап "Х-фактора": "У тебя четыре "да"

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It became known that the final casting of the popular Ukrainian vocal show “X-factor” has occurred quite unusual incident: a young guy came to the project in order to support my friend but in the end he was in training camp.

Парень решил поддержать подругу и прошел в следующий этап "Х-фактора": "У тебя четыре "да"

Yuri Canales

So, Yuri Canales came on the show to cheer on friend Anya VA, which was to be the last in the selection of the 10 season. But when the girl came on stage, leading the project Dasha Tregubova in conversation with the guy found out that he also participated in the show, only 1 season and Canalosa was 15 years old. Even then guy was able to conquer the audience and judges project their charisma. As a result, the presenter stated that the Jura is a true symbol 10 of the season, and is obliged to act in 2019. In the end, the girl still persuaded Canalosa to perform on stage-H. His girlfriend promptly handled by the sound engineers and set minus one songs Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran.

“I would not mind if you win the 10th season of the “X-factor”. You’re talented, and it’s gone nowhere. You have four “Yes,” said one of the judges vocal show Igor Kondratyuk.

That’s the way Canales went to training camp.

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We will remind that the inhabitant of the village Ripiano Kalush district Ivano-Frankivsk region made the audience and judges of the popular TV show “the X Factor” a standing ovation.

As reported by the portal Znayu on stage favorite show Ukrainians the X factor has been incredible. Husband just the stage show was a Declaration of love to the popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova and invited her to dance.

The portal also Znayu wrote that prikarpatets Nazar of Skorak from village in rip’yanka Calycine became the star 8 audition favorite vocal show “X-factor”.

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