The guy has made dozens of proposals to his girlfriend, but she didn’t notice

Challenge British athlete EDI okoro was to hide an engagement ring from a sweetheart

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Парень сделал десятки предложений своей девушке, но она этого не заметила

EDI okoro and his girlfriend Callie reed

British athlete EDI okoro decided to hold an unusual challenge, making as many of the secret proposals of marriage to his girlfriend named Callie reed. Guy is taking pictures of an engagement ring to his beloved is not noticed.

“Once I was sitting on the couch, admiring bought a wedding ring. Passing by Kelly, almost catching me on the hot! And that’s when I decided to start to document those funny moments,” says EDI okoro.

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During the month the British took so many cunning tricks with the ring that I had to create a separate album in Facebook, where he published all his photos and videos.

In the end, okoro has made Kelly an offer. Under the joint photo, he wrote: “My smile means: “You don’t know, Kelly reed”.

We will remind, the guy posted a bad frame from the wedding and its photo was named the best in the world. In addition, in a network there was video “the worst marriage proposal”.

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