The guy hitting the jackpot, have come for the mask of the Scream

Парень, сорвавший джекпот, пришел за деньгами в маске «Крика»

Nobody here wants to brag about a win.

In Jamaica, the lottery winner went for his prize, and was dressed as if was going to star in a horror movie. The guy dressed in the mask of the Scream and a long robe. But the winner didn’t want someone to scare or entertain. Just the government is too harsh manners, reports the with reference for Today.

Supernature Jamaica has already in 2009, but since the winners, hitting the jackpot, there were not many. Only four lucky lucky instantly rich. And in ten years none of them revealed his identity.

None of the newly minted millionaires do not want to meet long lost “relatives” or, worse, being attacked.

Usually the winners are limited to wigs or mustaches. There was also a case when the guy came to pick up the money in a cartoon costume. But a certain A. Campbell, suddenly became the owner of 158 million Jamaican dollars (about 32 million UAH. – Ed.) surpassed all. The man received a check in the mask of the Scream.

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