The hackers are very active during the pandemic

OTTAWA | hackers are taking advantage of the crisis of the sars coronavirus to attack the Canadians who have to resort to the emergency aid from the federal government, such as the Provision of canadian emergency.

The canadian Centre for cyber security supports, in a report made public on Tuesday, having initiated the removal of “more than 1000 malicious websites” that mimic those of the government of Canada.

However, at the time of the 27 April, the federal agency identified 120 000 new internet sites on the COVID-19, of which a large number was being malicious or linked to fraudulent activities.


“The authors of cyber threats, know that the affected populations are anxious about the future, which makes them less cautious about e-mails, text messages or advertisements on the COVID-19 that they would consider as suspects in normal times,” write the authors of the report.

One of the schemes consisted of a campaign of phishing by text message.

“It was announced to the victims that they could receive their Benefit payment in canadian emergency (PKU) by clicking on a link, but only after you have disclosed their personal financial information “, details there.


Care facilities and health and the research laboratories are also part of the favorite targets of hackers.

The objective is to steal intellectual property and sensitive data on the medical research regarding the COVID-19.

“Canada is almost certainly the target of threats because of its reputation as a world leader in the sector of health and biotechnology,” the report says.


The pirates have also turned their attention to the many teleworkers since the beginning of the pandemic, warns the canadian Centre for cyber security.

The federal agency points out that computer tools home workers are generally less secure than those used in the office.

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