The happiness of flint encounters

The happiness of the meetings-silex

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After the immense success of his first novel, Your second life begins when you realize that you only have one , sold over three million copies and in the process of being adapted to the cinema, the French Raphaëlle Giordano talks about creativity and the encounters that change everything in her fourth novel, The Polka Dot Zebra Bazaar .

Basil, an inventor who shows “& nbsp; daring & nbsp;” – mix of daring and creativity, decides to open a store to present his fanciful products: the Bazar du zebra à polka dots. There he met Arthur, a teenage artist specializing in graffiti, and his mother Giula, a perfume specialist. & Nbsp;

The meeting sets off fireworks. This is what Raphaëlle Giordano describes as flint encounters: those that produce sparks and joyful creativity. & Nbsp;

Raphaëlle Giordano, writer and coaching specialist, took pleasure in describing these famous relationships that make things happen. & nbsp;

“For me, a flint meet is about two people together, and there really is something going on. They inspire each other. There is an emulation being created & nbsp; ”, she explains. “So many times, we put people together and nothing happens, so much a meeting-flint, it's a decisive meeting, which sparks.”

That has happened to him before? “Ah yes! You can't see the sparks, but it's still palpable in the air, like electricity between two people. There is this effervescence, this inner joy. You can tell there's something special going on, for sure. I have felt it many times in my life, and it is something extraordinary. & Nbsp; “

These meetings are inspiring: they are made with people who make you want to surpass themselves, to show the best of themselves. “& Nbsp; You want to be even more up to the task. & Nbsp;”


Raphaëlle Giordano, in this novel as in everyone of previous books, wanted to present a keystone concept. “& Nbsp; This time, the theme that was really close to my heart is what makes my DNA: it's my creativity. & Nbsp;”

For the record, she says she has always been fascinated by the world of inventors. “This universe runs in my genes: my father is a real zebra and filed a lot of patents and his father before him made a fortune by inventing a machine that was decisive in the world of industry.”

“Inventors, for me, are free people in their heads, sweet dreamers. But when they make their ideas come true, they move the boundaries of the world. I find that very inspiring. & Nbsp; ”

Creativity, she adds, has allowed her to always bounce back, in her own life. “It's a thought outside the box, an energy, a dynamic that allows you, instead of staying locked in a narrow vision, to open up and find ideas, solutions to bounce back. This is the theme of the book and it becomes the Zebra Philosophy and I hope it will inspire readers. “& Nbsp;


Today is another matter. Anger has taken over. The abatement too. He will never get out of it.

The teachers are going to keep her head under water, like in film noir where people drown to death, their faces contorted with suffering from suffocation. Yeah. His stalemate is as good as that of this old American filmmaker, Brian de Palma. No one will give him a chance. The label is so well stuck to her skin that it has penetrated her flesh. & Nbsp; “

  • Raphaëlle Giordano has had exceptional success with Your second life begins when you understand that you only have one , sold in France in more than 3 million copies and in the process of being 'adaptation to the cinema.
  • She also signed The day the lions will eat green salad and Cupid has cardboard wings .
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