The hate

La haine

Let’s not mince words.

What happened in Minneapolis on Monday night is a lynching.

We used no rope, it has not hanged the victim at the branch of a tree, as they did in the southern United States until the 1950s, but it is a lynching the same.

We took a Black and killed him. Because he was Black.


I see people say “Yes, but…” on the social media. Sorry, there are no ” Yes, but… “

If you say “Yes, but…” watching this video, you have a bit of a problem.

George Floyd did not resist his arrest.

There was no reason for the cop the rest as it has done for a dozen of minutes, her right knee pressed down on his neck.

This is not an arrest that went wrong. This is not a police killing.

It is a racist attack. Point. Which took place live on Facebook.

And that is the president during this time ?

It bitche against Twitter ! Because his favorite social media that dared to report any of his posts !

And some dare to say that he is fit to lead the country ?

Okay, you don’t like the democrats (me neither, by the way), but… Really ? Seriously ?

Trump was right to say that his fans would continue to support it even if it was a random person in the street…

These people would follow him blindly into hell.

They are not supporters. These are the apostles, the followers.

Their deep-rooted hate of the democrats has made them lose all judgement.


A virus worse than the COVID threat to the United States.

Hatred. The rage.

It invades everywhere. In the public debate, the social media. People are on edge. One has the impression that it would take only a spark, only for that everything explodes.

And who plays with matches, in his corner ?

The President !

Instead of attempting to gather his people (his country is still called the UNITED States, that I know of ?), it exacerbates the divisions and takes pleasure in throwing oil on the fire.

A cartoon circulating on social media. Trump dressed as Nero, while his country was in full swing.

It is full of it.

I was talking to Michel Barrette, the other day. If there is a guy who loves the United States, it is him.

The american myths (of freedom, route 66, Jack Kerouac, Kennedy, Easy Rider, James Dean, Marilyn, the Rat Pack, Johnny Carson, Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther King, the Beats, etc), it was his little milk, its fuel, the blood that flows in his veins.

I felt knocked out. Shot. Sad to see what his beloved USA had become.


My brother Steve E. Fortin told me that he was unable to look at the pictures of the arrest of George Floyd.

I understand that. It is hard. Unbearable.

Did you know that before, in some corners of the United States, we sold postcards showing Blacks hanging from a tree ?

“Behind every fortune there is a crime,” said Balzac.

The crime of the United States, its original sin, it’s slavery, racism.

And this spot defiles always, his flag.

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