The Hawaiian Islands were covered with snow. Video

Гавайские острова засыпало снегом. Видео

Hawaii was struck by a powerful winter storm. The top of the volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii in the United States was covered with 20-centimeter layer of snow.

This is stated on the website of the National meteorological service of the United States, reports the with reference to newsone.

Thus, the division of state parks Department of land and natural resources Hawaiian Islands, reported that “for perhaps the first time in the state of Hawaii snow”.

It is noted that the February 2019 was the most cold and snowy month in Hawaii for the past 30 years. According to local weather forecasters, on the territory of the international airport and Seattle-Tacoma dropped 36 inches of snow, this figure is twice the average.

Also to Hawaii on February 10-11, was struck by a powerful winter storm. The strong wind broke trees and broken power lines.

Sunday, February 10, the wind gusts in some areas of the state reached 112 km/h. Residents of the coastal territories warned of the danger of floods. Also because of the wind in the ocean raised 20-foot waves.

Low temperature and precipitation for Hawaii is expected on Tuesday, February 12.

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