The head of Disney, which made the largest Studio in Hollywood, left us forever

Руководитель Disney, который сделал студию крупнейшей в Голливуде, покинул нас на всегда

Bob Iger Photo: Jean-Marc Haedrich / Zuma / Global Look Press

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Disney big changes in the top echelon of leadership. The head of The Walt Disney Robert Allen “Bob” iger, who has headed the company since 2005 and made it so successful I decided to leave the post and move away from direct control. Outset that Bob iger is not going to Disney, it will remain on as Chairman of the Board of Directors – the current contract ends December 31, 2021 (with a high probability it will be extended for a new term) and will focus on creative direction.

Disney has decided not to invite anyone from outside, and appointed his own man. Interestingly, his name is Bob. The post CEO Bob iger, will succeed Bob Chapek that works for the company for the last 27 years. In 2015 he is engaged exclusively in the development of theme parks and 2018 was responsible also for other consumer products Disney.

Iger himself, commenting on the change of the General Director, noted that fully trusts Capek and waiting for cooperation with him. The new CEO will oversee all segments of business and corporate policy of the company.

In the fall of 2019 Bob iger became the most powerful person in entertainment by the Hollywood Reporter. Explaining his first place in the ranking, the publication wrote: “In modern Hollywood there is still no such person who would have combined commercial vision and creative acumen as the Eiger”. A year earlier, iger has also served in ranking the leading position.

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