The head of the project “the Bachelor” for the first time spoke about the behind the scenes intrigues during the filming

Руководитель проекта «Холостяк» впервые рассказала о закулисных интригах во время съемок

After a week on the STB will be the final romantic reality “the Bachelor”, and the viewer learns one of the girls chosen by the singer Born of Anosy. Today, the project will leave one of the three remaining participants: Daniel, Ivan or Natasha. The secrets of creating project in an exclusive interview with the “FACTS” revealed the Director of the creative Association, working on “the Bachelor,” Anna Kalina.

— What is your impression of the current Bachelor? Many thought he was not very emotional…

I don’t know why someone could he leave such an impression. I think it is the most emotional Bachelor of those with whom he worked! Born very deeply about everything that was going on between him and the girls. And if someone from the crew accidentally let it slip that the girls in the house excited much more than show him Born is very catchy. He tried to help them, to calm down.

Руководитель проекта «Холостяк» впервые рассказала о закулисных интригах во время съемок
* Before filming Anna Kalina traditionally broke a plate for good luck

— The organization of visits Born also delved?

Yes. He came up with which girl for a date should go. And when in the third week of the show two contestants — Arina and Anastasia — at the same time asked him for a date in the car (and Arina wanted to ride it on a vintage car), two days he spent in search of such cars. Complicating the situation is the fact that in Uzhgorod, where we filmed the fleet of retro-cars is not so great, and from Kiev the car just did not have time to get there. And Born was very happy when I found the right car — an exact copy of the picture Arina.

By the way, I’ve read online criticism about the fact that stylists of the project is poorly dressed Born and he did not look like a Bachelor. Now, he was dressed as he wanted. For Born it is very important that the project was not different from what it is in life. He didn’t want to become a statistician playing the expected viewers of “the Bachelor” role. I think it’s cool that Born individual.

— Having some difficulty due to the fact that the Bachelor before the project was public and recognizable personality?

It is important for us to maintain some privacy during the filming, especially in the later episodes. Of course, our crew of 30-40 people on the street is hard to miss, but we never admit to passers-by that it remove “the Bachelor.” Some I can read, so I usually hide in the bushes or wear a large hat. However, Rodena it was different. When he appeared on the site, people always recognized him. Remember, in early November, we rented meet the parents Ghali in Sambor, the site of the city was filled with information that came to them Born.

Руководитель проекта «Холостяк» впервые рассказала о закулисных интригах во время съемок
* Anna Kalina: “the members of the crew sometimes worked 18 hours a day”

— Are you happy with the girls, their behavior?

Girls every year surprise us and cause unpredictable situations on the set. Recall, for example, the police in the second episode, which came to Rimma. I think many still don’t believe that we did not invent it. But the guards were true as a statement. For us the situation was a huge surprise. And only the ability of the crew to respond to abnormal situations helped us to shoot it. By the way, the attentive viewer will notice that something is left over — let’s say the time of the arrival of the police, because operators just do not physically have time to run to them.

— Do you have a favorite participant?

Is Galya. I think many viewers unfairly judging her. Yes, she’s emotional and not very nicely behaved with their parents. But the girl did not try to play the project or to trick us, the audience, and herself. Kept as in life, was sincere. I think it’s even better.

— What is the period of filming was the most difficult?

— Probably, a trip to Portugal, 7 — 9 episodes. This is the period when the relations of the characters, there is something very intense — all the masks have been removed and in each bubbling feeling. Girls can’t hide them and the Bachelor is not yet ready to make a choice. And the members of the crew, by the way, already two months of travel, seeing family, and working day we sometimes reaches up to 18 hours. Everyone is very tired.

Every season in this period, we have situations when a Bachelor maybe for two or three days with no one to talk or to take it out on the crew. This year it was on the eighth week I have Rozenom was a large-scale conflict. And all because the hotel in which he lived, a Bachelor and yesterday was completely fine, the next morning suddenly seemed a terrible place — not the food, beds uncomfortable, noisy, dirty… I understand why this is happening — Rodino emotionally hard, and he’s like any man trying to find the cause of your discomfort in your physical condition. But to explain to him it was absolutely impossible. In the end, we just moved our hero to another hotel.

Руководитель проекта «Холостяк» впервые рассказала о закулисных интригах во время съемок
* The time of filming episode 7 in Portugal

— This season, along with “Bachelor” you were doing another project for STB — “Called to Tata”.

— It was difficult, because “Called for nanny” — a new project that we launched very quickly, the production time was tight, had to remove a couple in different cities at the same time. The team working on this project was even more than “the Bachelor.” Due to organizational difficulties I had often to engage in the process. However, “the Bachelor,” I could not leave without attention, because he is Born a rather complicated character — a very emotional, capricious and unpredictable. However, although most of the time I spent on “the Bachelor” for the first time in my entire work on this reality was neither one meet the parents — any girls or Bachelors. Because just in this period starred the final goodbye on “Called to Tata”.

— What have been acquitted by the arrival of the project, Anette?

— Desire of Anette and Born. They had unfinished history of relations. She came to his concert, was asked to participate in the show. In fact, not only Anette, not a word to us, we agreed about something with the Bachelor. For example, Natasha asked permission from Born on the wedding, and he allowed, even though we were against it.

Руководитель проекта «Холостяк» впервые рассказала о закулисных интригах во время съемок
* Anna Kalina Rose al-nemri

— In what unexpected places have you had to shoot this season?

— In the trailers. There are few places to live, and how difficult to remove! Just imagine: in the trailers with a size of ten square meters live on four girls, each with two suitcases of things. They sleep, cook, going on dates… And to take it all down, you need to put into four man crew — two cameramen, a journalist and sound engineer.

It was difficult to remove and in caves, where Born, invited Rimma and Nastya. There is only one entrance, it is also output. To remove characters, it took about 15 people. We walked through the cave in a long line: the cavers, sound engineers. Moreover, one of the operators showing how the heroes are crawling through a narrow gorge, had to crawl backwards!

And to prepare a session at the end of the cave art Director with his assistants went there two hours before shooting. Out they could not, as it would be faced with the characters. So sitting on the ground, while the Bachelor and the girls talked.

— Do you already have ideas about the next candidate for the role of the Bachelor?

— Yes, of course. We actively meet with candidates. Our base is a beautiful, young and promising men includes about 200 people. Some of them (unfortunately, but fortunately for us) not long ago divorced and became idle (smiles). We have already conducted several interviews, the main character is not yet selected, but on the final post-show will slightly open the veil of who could be the next Bachelor.

— Who girls often would like to see in this role?

The hero of the sixth season of “the Bachelor,” Irakli Makatsaria.

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