The health crisis will continue “for many months” in Africa

La crise sanitaire va se poursuivre «pendant de nombreux mois» en Afrique

The health crisis linked to the new coronavirus “will continue for many months” on the african continent where the number of cases continues to grow, “noted Wednesday, the French development Agency (AFD), calling for” prudence “.

“If the epidemic has not exploded in Africa, and if the health disaster that some predicted has not occurred, it should, however, be very careful, because many countries are facing today have a transmission community which is very active and the number of cases continues to grow,” said Christophe Paquet, director of the division of Health and social protection of the AFD.

He was speaking at a press conference on the review of the action of the AFD in response to the crisis in health and economic caused by the epidemic of Covid-19 in Africa.

“We hope that Africa will achieve a plateau, but for now it is still on a dynamic of the epidemic, and we can anticipate a health crisis that will continue for many months,” he said.

Also speaking in the press briefing, the Cameroonian Vera Songwe, administrative secretary of the united Nations economic Commission for Africa, cited the “countries of concern to us,” the more, “the ten countries with 86 % of the cases” across the continent: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d’ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, the democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia.

She also cited, among the countries of concern, Tanzania, equatorial Guinea and Burundi, for which “we do not have enough information” about the state of the epidemic.

Africa is (after Oceania) the continent the least affected by the pandemic, with close to 500,000 cases, of which nearly 11 700 deaths, according to a count by the AFP on 7 July.

At the beginning of April, the AFD was committed, with the initiative ” COVID-19 – Health in common “, to mobilize 1.2 billion euros by September 2020.

“Three months after its launch, the initiative has already helped to fund 29 projects in response to the pandemic, spread across 23 african countries, for a total of 512 million euros, 57 million euros of donations and 455 million euros in the form of loans to States and public banks of development partners AFD,” says a press release from the agency.

The disease of “Covid today is a little tree that hides the forest of the state of health of Africa, and there are many other priority issues,” said Mr Package, citing infectious diseases and chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers) that are more common in Africa “.

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