The health of the dean of the u.s. supreme Court, RBG, feeds anxiety and preparations

La santé de la doyenne de la Cour suprême américaine, RBG, alimente angoisse et préparatifs

Washington | The judge and icon progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg seeming more and more fragile, the major maneuvers began to prepare his succession to the supreme Court of the United States, with the presidential election of November 3, in the minds of all.

At the age of 87 years, the oldest woman in the temple of american Law has cancer of the liver, treated by chemotherapy, and seems to have trouble to get rid of an infection on the bile ducts.

After a few days in the hospital in mid-July for a “possible infection”, she was again admitted to hospital Wednesday for “verify a stent”, a small tube placed in the bile ducts in August 2019.

Like every time that “Notorious RBG” — his nickname, inspired by the rapper Notorious BIG — has health problems, the release of the supreme Court wants to be reassuring: the magistrate, who “is resting comfortably and should be out of the hospital by the end of the week.”

Despite these assurances, the anguish was palpable on the left. Social networks were immediately flooded by a flood of prayers addressed to that champion of the cause of women, minorities or the environment, so much for hoping for his recovery and for him to ask “to hold good” until the presidential election.

If she had to leave the supreme Court in the near future, the president, Donald Trump is empresserait to appoint his or her successor, and it is likely that the Senate republican majority, confirms his / her choice prior to the election.

This will cement the conservative majority of the high court, which has the last word on the subjects which divide the more american society (abortion, minority rights, bearing arms, death penalty…).

Today, the five judges – conservative on nine – don’t block, and it is common for one of them to vote with his fellow progressives. Thus, recently, a restrictive law on abortion has been invalidated and that the rights of employees, gay and transgender people have been extended.

These decisions “do not want to say one thing: we need NEW JUDGES” commented in June Donald Trump, furious, promising to publish, by September 1, ” the list of new candidates conservatives “.

Leaks to the Court

Its new selection is not yet known, but the circles furthest to the right are pushing for it to include magistrates even more conservative than those he had used in the campaign of 2016.

Republican senator Josh Hawley has said that he “would vote for candidates who explicitly” criticized the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 in which the Court has recognized the right of the U.s. to have an abortion.

In this context, the media legal are moved with a series of “leaks”: sources within the venerable institution, known for its hermeticism, described to a journalist from CNN the content of the recent discussions between the nine judges.

They have revealed in particular that the judge Brett Kavanaugh, appointed by 2018 by Donald Trump, had not provided immediate support to his conservative colleagues in two cases of explosives, and had tried, in vain, to convince them to kick into touch.

Another indiscretion: the head of the Court, the moderate conservative John Roberts, has made it clear to his peers that he would not support an extension of the right to bear arms.

“What is the purpose of these leaks?” queried on Twitter, the lawyer and Raffi Melkonian. “I think that they are intended to support the position of the Hawley-you-need-names-of-people-committed-against-abortion-and-other-subjects”, he estimated.

Not be outdone, the democratic candidate for the presidential Joe Biden has also indicated that he would make public a list of his favorites for the supreme Court. His criterion? diversity: “We are in the process of putting a list of african american women, skilled and experienced”, he said.

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