The health of the Trump in question on the day of his 74-year-old

La santé de Trump en question le jour de ses 74 ans

The state of health of Donald Trump was the subject of speculation in the United States Sunday, the day of his 74-year-old, after he had appeared to give the eve a few signs of fatigue during a ceremony.

The american president had held, in spite of the pandemic, to come and greet Saturday promotion 2020 of the prestigious military academy of West Point, near New York city.

Accused of having sought to politicize the army in the face of manifestations of anti-racist of the last few weeks across the country, he gave a speech unusually consensual for him, who likes to deviate from his teleprompter.

Asked to leave the scene after being sent to the future elites of the us army, he seemed to be having some difficulties on the access ramp, lowered a little cautious.

The american media have also noted that he had need of both his hands, in the middle of the same speech, to carry a glass of water to his lips — what he has already done several times in the past — and that he had struggled to correctly pronounce the name of general Douglas MacArthur, hero of the Second world War.

Donald Trump has loaded himself up late on Saturday night on Twitter to respond to questions about his physical condition.

The access ramp to the podium of West Point was ” a very long and steep and had no railing, and, above all, was very slippery “, he advanced.

He claims to have, therefore, redoubled caution in order not to fall and give the opportunity for the media to mock him. And highlights down, “running” the last three meters of the ramp.

The oldest president in history

The topic is even more slippery than the billionaire republican 74-year-old has made his health an argument of the campaign in the face of his future democratic opponent in the November presidential, Joe Biden, old to 77 years old.

Donald Trump is like a regular attack on his physical and mental condition of former vice-president, known for his gaffs and holes of memory, which he nicknamed ” Joe’s asleep “.

But these taunts did not stop the speculation about his own state of health, particularly when it was done in November a mysterious visit to a military hospital near Washington, outside of the usual timetable.

Rumors wanted that it had been triggered by chest pain, which may be a sign of heart problems including.

But the White House had indicated that its annual review of routine had been anticipated due to a calendar 2020 particularly busy, and his doctor had asserted that he had not been ” diagnosed or treated for urgent problems or acute “.

At a tribute ceremony, at the end of may at the military cemetery of Arlington, the american soldiers fallen in combat, Donald Trump had already raised a few doubts seemed to have a hard time to stay still.

Aged 70 years and 220 days old at the time of his assumption of office in January 2017, the oldest president in history of United States — before Ronald Reagan — has also recently caused controversy by saying they have received for two weeks treatment of hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus.

According to the doctor of the White House, the former business man in new york has not suffered any of the side effects caused by this antimalarial whose efficacy against the Covid-19 has never been proven rigorously.

“The data indicate that the president remains in good health “, was concluded in early June, Dr. Sean Conley in a brief report, stating that the seventy-year-old, amateur golf and fast food, weighed 110 kg for 1,90 m.

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