The health workers are concerned about the removal of the reinforcement expected in mid-June

Les travailleurs de la santé inquiets du retrait du renfort prévu à la mi-juin

The owners of private facilities to elders who are affected by the COVID-19 shall provide a recovery plan of management since the staff of the CISSS and CIUSSS that has been sent to lend them a hand must be removed in mid-June.

The situation is greatly alarming for the workers of the residence the Gardens of The High-Jump-Laurent.

“The CIUSS we provides personnel, except that Mr. Legault has announced that, from 15 June, they want to reduce all workers to the level of the CIUSS”, said Paul-André Caron, a trade union representative to the FTQ.

An opinion that corroborates the general director of the CHSLD Les Jardins du Haut-St-Laurent.

“It is absolutely a concern. It is sure that there is always a beautiful collaboration with our CIUSSS, except that I understand that one is not alone with cases of COVID inside our facility,” explains Nathalie Side.

To try to fill the need of workforce, the management tried to relocate employees to another residence that was spared by the virus. The opinion of the workers is shared, but the fear of the virus is palpable. Some of them would have even thought about to resign.

“We cannot require totally our people to come. In the background one wants to come and help their colleagues,” says coté.

For its part, the CIUSS wants to avoid rushing things.

“Before you remove human resources from an RPA, the CIUSSS of the National Capital will analyse the epidemiological situation and the required care of the customer”, says by e-mail the assistant director of communications Vincent Lamontagne.

The latter ensures, however, that the CIUSSS will accompany the residences in the transition.

Good news that will without doubt appeal to the directorate, a fifteen orderlies infected by the coronavirus, and now restored could make a return to work during the week.

But the lack of nurses and of nursing assistants is always important.

Nathalie Côté is launching a cry of the heart for qualified people to come to their aid.

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