“The heart hanged man”: after the mourning, the disease

«Le cœur pendu»: après le deuil, la maladie

After having spoken of the double grief of an unborn baby and a husband in his first novel, barefoot in the gravel, Maude Michaud offers the result of this touching story in his new book, The heart hanging. The founder of the web platform “The perfect mom blistering” between the heart of the emotions experienced by his heroine, struggling with a diagnosis alarming.

In the first novel, the heroine was struggling to recover from a double grief. In The heart hanged man, the grief is still present, and this adds a lot of anxiety related to the birth of a child, the difficulty of being a mother, when the spouse died, and the announcement of a serious illness.

The heart hanging is not entirely autobiographical… but some elements are drawn from real-life stories by Maude Michaud. “I was faced with the cancer, in the fall. I had pre-cancerous cells, but it was very easy to imagine the step after because the process is the same “, does he / she share in the interview.

“Honestly, pre-cancer, it is perhaps not as alarming as cancer, but you learn it, you can’t really see the difference between the two. “

This book has a little used outlet, she noted. “I may be allowed to understand a little better how I lived it from the inside, because it is still something that is relatively commonplace, especially when it is pre-cancerous. But what we saw inside, I was not expecting that. I never projected in a scenario like this, I didn’t expect to live like that and I took it really hard. “


Maude Michaud points out in his book how the medical consultations are sometimes disconnected from emotions experienced by the patients. “I find it fascinating. I have not described 100% how it happened because all they do is send me letters. There was never a person who called me to tell me that I had precancerous lesions. I receive letters, and then I get a call from the hospital that tells me when is going to be my appointment or my surgery. That is all. “

But she didn’t want his novel to become ” a war against the health-care system “. “That wasn’t my objective, but rather to make people aware on the fact that it is trivialized, in general. It was worth the stress. “

Maude Michaud adds that, unlike the book’s heroine, she has no lived experience of perinatal bereavement, has not lost a spouse or her parents. “I am an empathetic and people love to confide in me – this is something that I love. I like to listen and give them support when I can. I think that I’ve absorbed all of the emotions and the stories of others, and this is what I transposed. “

Vivid emotions

As a mother, Maude Michaud has cried a lot writing his first novel, barefoot in the gravel. “I cried while writing about the mourning of the baby, and I cried a lot writing on the grief of the father, because someone close to me has lost her partner in tragic circumstances and it is very close. She wanted to share things with me to help me in the writing. “

In The heart hanged, it will also, with the strong emotions related to the announcement of the disease. “I was really in a difficult phase when I wrote it. I had to submit my manuscript on the 15th of January and I learned at the beginning of October that I had precancerous cells which had to be dealt with. My writing process has been stained by it. “

► Maude Michaud is the founder of the web platform ” The perfect mom scathing “.

► It has published easier to live with maternity in 2018 and barefoot in the gravel in 2019.


The heart hung
Maude Michaud. Éditions Libre Expression, 216 pages.”>

The heart hung
Maude Michaud. Éditions Libre Expression, 216 pages.

Good luck. Good luck for what, dammit ? Good luck with my desire to varger in the wall because my boyfriend died I was passed on a disease that could kill me ? Good luck with cramps that will tear me away the belly ? Good luck not to become completely mad pis to me to make me fart head against the walls waiting to find out if I was going to croak ? Good luck with the cancer if he had decided to continue to eat me inside, so not to be dismissed not because I was dying too quickly ?

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