The Hells Angels Stephane Maheu Wanted

A member in good standing of the South chapter of the Hells Angels, Stéphane Maheu, of Roxton Pond, is wanted on the sidelines of the police strike realized as part of the Objection project. A series of arrests related to narcotics distribution networks that would be controlled by the biker group was carried out on Tuesday.

More than 60 individuals were arrested in about 20 municipalities in Quebec and New Brunswick by the National Organized Crime Squadron (ENRCO) and the Regional Mixed Squadrons (MRE). Some people are still wanted, including Stéphane Maheu. The police investigation shows that he controlled drug trafficking in the Granby and Cowansville areas.

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47-year-old is suspected of conspiring and trafficking in cocaine, cannabis resin and methamphetamine, criminal organization offense and having charged a person with committing an offense for the benefit of a criminal organization.

His residence in Roxton Pond was raided last March as part of a police operation orchestrated by ENRCO and the ERM.

Stéphane Maheu, who was first a member of the Evil Ones de Granby, the late Hells Angels club-school, reportedly helped create a Hells Angels section sponsored by Quebec bikers in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, according to an article published in La Presse +.

According to the police, there is no reason to believe that he could be there. “We do not have information that puts us there,” says Captain Guy Lapointe, spokesperson for ENRCO. We do not have specific information as to where he might be at present. ”

An alleged right-hand man in control of the sale of drugs for the Granby and Cowansville areas, Dominic Pagé, is also wanted by the police. The 41-year-old from Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil is suspected of an offense for the benefit of a criminal organization, conspiracy and trafficking in cocaine and methamphetamine trafficking.

Among the sixty arrests, there are also two individuals from Roxton Falls. Denis Desputeaux, 23, and Kenny Maheu, 27, were also targeted by this operation. They are suspected of conspiring to smuggle cocaine and cocaine trafficking. Kenny Maheu is also suspected of trafficking in methamphetamine.

The whole pyramid

The police investigation revealed that the chapters of the Hells Angels of Trois-Rivières, South and Montreal shared territories covering the Outaouais and Saguenay regions, including Lanaudière. Daniel Giroux, Michel Langlois and Louis Matte, as well as a major network member, Carmelo Sacco, are also targeted by arrest warrants, reads the Sûreté du Québec website.

“We have attacked not only the leaders who supply narcotics distribution networks, but there are four parallel investigation projects that targeted four different distribution networks. We have tackled the pyramid from top to bottom, “explains Captain Lapointe.

In the end, 121 searches were conducted in recent months. Twenty-one kilos of cocaine, 200,000 tablets, 34 firearms and more than two million dollars were seized. The police also seized Hells Angels jackets, bullet-proof vests and five “kilo-cocaine” hydraulic presses.

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