The hero of “Svajena I Malevich” screwed the star of “the Bachelor”, even such miracles are

Герой "Зважених і щасливих" охмурил звезду "Холостяк", даже такие чудеса бывают

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Recently, it was reported that the finalist of the project “that zvazheni schaslivi” Nicholas Voronov found a girl. It turned out that the new fiancee “saganaga” is also the heroine of the talk show, and not just entertaining, but out of “the Bachelor,” her name is Irina Skorikova.

This became known thanks to Ukrainian media reports.

The story turned so sideways, after the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi” ended, Nicholas continued to work not only on your body and appearance, but also on personal life. And judging by recent photos on the social network Instagram, he is great at.

Герой "Зважених і щасливих" охмурил звезду "Холостяк", даже такие чудеса бывают

To Publish Irina Skorikova, Instagram

Male participated in this project twice. He won in the first season, and went back again in the extreme, the ninth. And on Valentine’s Day, he stunned his followers with the news that he had a romantic relationship with a member of the show “the Bachelor 3”.

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