The hero of”The kingdom of the wild” loses its zoo, which is attributed to his sworn enemy

Le héros d’«Au royaume des fauves» perd son zoo, attribué à son ennemie jurée

The main character of the documentary series, success of Netflix “in The realm of the wild” was forced by the courts to transfer the ownership of his famous zoo with his sworn enemy, he had wanted to murder, épiloge of a saga that has fascinated millions of viewers.

Colorful character who has done a lot for the popularity of the series, Joe Exotic, his real name is Joe Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced in January to 22 years in prison for attempted murder and is currently in detention.

He was taken to Carole Baskin, defender of the animals ‘ cause and criticism of its methods, including the reproduction to the death of the cats the opportunity for visitors to pet, as well as ill-treatment which resulted in the death of several animals.

In a decision issued Monday, after four years of proceedings, a federal judge in Oklahoma City ordered the transfer of property in the land of six hectares on which is located the zoo, located south of Oklahoma City.

The company Greater Wynnewood Development Group, formerly controlled by Joe Exotic, will have to leave the premises, ” including the evacuation of all animals in the zoo “, ordered the judge Scott Palk, in a decision seen by AFP.

Well that was up here with his owner, Joe Exotic, is still in jail, the zoo had continued to operate and had to re-open its doors in early may after several weeks of closure due to confinement.

The former business partner of Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, had officially bought the company GWDG, but the federal magistrate has decided the transfer of the ownership of the facility.

“Tiger King “, a documentary in seven episodes, has been one of the programs most watched in the history of Netflix. The platform announced at the end of April, that in a month, 64 million subscribers had seen all or part of the series.

Joe Exotic, aged 57 years, has made a formal request for grace to Donald Trump in early may.

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