The heroine of the show “Divalign people” can determine the dance only by the sound of footsteps

The girl has a unique hearing

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Героиня шоу "Дивовижні люди" может определить танец лишь по звукам шагов

Experts show “Divalign people”

One of the participants of the project “Divalign people” on the channel “Ukraine” has become a girl with amazing hearing.

Elena Skorenko has supersensitive hearing: she can hear Samba without a sound and with ease identificeret tango in silence. Amazing: she can determine which dance is performed, focusing only on the sound of footsteps.

“I have been dancing for over 25 years – I am the champion of Ukraine and Europe. Now all the time I spend teaching activities”, – said the participant of the project.

Героиня шоу "Дивовижні люди" может определить танец лишь по звукам шагов

Elena Skorenko

Amazing: one group, which deals with Elena, people almost or completely blind. However, the girl is sure: dance, primarily consists of the senses, and if desired, it is possible to learn to feel and then play.

Once eversloh helped Elena to save the life of his son: “We just went with it and I suddenly heard the sound of cars pulling into the yard at high speed. It could not be seen, but I heard and managed to pull up son. Of course, it was very scary, but fortunately, the hearing helped to prevent trouble.”

Job Elena in the show “Divalign people” leading Alexander skichko was to identify what kind of dance performed by couples, focusing only on the sound of footsteps.

We will remind, the winner of the super show “Divalign people” will choose the audience through SMS voting.

We have previously reported that the show “Divalign people” will take part the guy is simulating more than 100 sounds.

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