The high mass of tech opens online

The high mass of tech opens online

San Francisco | The 2021 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the best-known annual show for consumer electronics and tech startups, kicked off Monday, fully online, away from the Las Vegas casinos that usually host it. .

South Korean giant Samsung, Chinese TV maker Hisense and Germany’s Bosch got the ball rolling with press conferences on their latest products for everyday home life.

After a year of pandemic, the tech fair must take up the challenge of remaining a meeting place, without stands and restaurants.

The website therefore seeks to promote discussion and certain events will be broadcast live, including for the general public.

The participants, who present their gadgets and inventions from home, all over the world, invested in their communication to get noticed. But they are much less numerous than in previous years: some 1,800 exhibitors are registered, against 4,000 for the 2020 edition.

Start-ups and multinationals have planned to focus on the added value of their products in times of pandemic, for businesses and individuals.

After “health tech”, it is “Covid tech” which is in fashion, with connected thermometers and disinfectant robots for offices and other public places.

“Items that were viewed with amusement last year, such as personal air purifiers, will be taken much more seriously this year,” notes independent analyst Richard Windsor, author of the Radio Free Mobile blog.

The first day is devoted to the press. Starting Tuesday, spectators will be able to click on the virtual booths to watch presentation videos and participate in conversations.

Some of the crowded marketing events are going to take place anyway, but online: Audi is to launch its electric sports car, LG is going to show off a wide, curved screen for video game enthusiasts, among others.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which organizes the show, hopes to attract some 100,000 attendees.

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