The historic leader of kazakhstan, Nazarbayev, infected with the coronavirus

Le dirigeant historique kazakh, Nazarbaïev, contaminé par le coronavirus

NURSULTAN | The leader of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has recently handed over the chairmanship to one of the faithful, but retains all his influence, was infected by the coronavirus, announced on Thursday its official website.

“Unfortunately, the last screening of the coronavirus in Elbassy (Head of the Nation in kazakh) was positive, but there is no cause for concern”, according to its website.

Mr. Nazarbayev, who party next month, his 80-year-old has sold in the past year, the chairmanship of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, but he has retained influence and prerogatives with its constitutional status of “Leader of the Nation”, chairman of the ruling party Nur-Nato and the national security Council.

Kazakhstan, central Asian countries, had already led in 1989 by Mr Nazarbayev at the time of the soviet Union. He has retained the head of the fall of the USSR in 1991.

It was then ceded the presidency last year, to general surprise. But this departure was more formal than real, as long as he retained power.

A cult of his personality has also been introduced, of which the latest example was the change of name of the capital of kazakhstan to Astana, Nur-Sultan, his first name, just after his departure from the presidency. Number of institutions bear his name also.

Kazakhstan, a country rich in hydrocarbons and minerals of 18 million inhabitants, is constantly accused by NGOS to counter any form of self-expression, whether it is the rights of the opposition, the press or of the freedom of gatherings.

The opposition protests are regularly suppressed, and the number of opponents of Mr Nazarbayev has been in the last thirty years imprisoned or exiled.

Several critics of the political system of kazakhstan have also been murdered or have died in suicides in the circumstances disorders.

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