The hit and the hit is still on the loose

Le chauffard qui l’a heurté est toujours en cavale

Barely recovered from a serious foot injury, a motorcycle rider laval was indignant against the at-fault driver who fled the scene after being hit head-on. The latter is still on the run.

“What kind of human being leaves someone injured in the middle of the street after you have hit it ? A piece of the bumper fell off his car… It is impossible that he has not felt the collision “, was launched with emotion, Anthony Mirolla, 31 years.

On the 11th of June, around 22 h, Mr. Mirolla was travelling on a motorcycle on the boulevard des Laurentides at rue Tourangeau in Laval, when a vehicle brand Dodge Grand Caravan gray, which was also heading north, made a u-turn and cut off the path.

“I was going to rush directly into the driver’s door. I was riding between 50 and 60 km/h and I have not been able to stop in time. At the beginning, I had managed to avoid the car, but it has accelerated to complete its half turn and I was finally struck. My shoe has revolé and my muffler fell to the ground “, he explained.

Foot injury

He had to undergo an operation with the right foot, in addition to having a plaster cast as well as twenty stitches.

The driver of the vehicle at fault has never stopped and continued its route.

At that time, Anthony Mirolla was worried more for his foot, which “hung” for the driver on the run.

“My cousin followed me on his bike and he asked me if I wanted he went after the car to try to see his plate number. I told him to drop it. I thought that, thanks to technology and the cameras, we would be able to find it quickly, ” he confided.

However, a month later, we still do not know who is the driver of this Dodge Grand Caravan.

Moreover, the Service de police de Laval (SPL) request the collaboration of the public to find witnesses to the collision.

The driver always on the run

“It may be a pedestrian, that night, did not think that his testimony would be helpful. In short, any person who has information that could be used to advance the investigation can communicate anonymously with us, ” said the officer, Julie Marois, spokesman for the SPL.

Mr. Mirolla hope that the offending person will be found quickly.

“The individual may do to someone else. Is it that he had consumed drugs or alcohol and it is for this reason that it is gone ? We don’t have answers, but during this time, he continued to walk on the roads. I wish there was a justice “, a-t-he desired.

► Any person who has information concerning this event, may disclose, on a confidential basis, on the Info-Line at 450 662-INFO (4636) or dial 911 and mention dossier LVL-200611-077.

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